What is Conservasphere?

Conservasphere is an innovative (first of its kind), polygenerational greenhouse system that will generate water and power, grow plants, and produce renewable fuel.

Having established its plausibility, we are now undertaking a proof of concept study.

Australia, with its plentiful supply of dry land and sunshine, provides the ideal environment to build Conservaspheres capable of producing enough renewable energy for all our needs.

Our reliance on fossil fuels, combined with exponential growth in global demand, has seen huge and unsustainable rises in CO2 emissions. Unless we support renewables, we will see a marked decrease in the quality of life we currently enjoy.

Energy Storage

It provides an energy source for generating power, is able to store energy collected from the sun, and supply it on demand.


Low cost, it can easily transported, deployed and scaled.

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Renewable Fuel

Transition to renewable fuel is more viable in the shorter-term than adoption of battery and hydrogen technologies.


Eliminate Fossil Fuels

Wide scale adoption of the Conservasphere, in collaboration with industry, to use renewable fuel and power could potentially eliminate the need to burn fossil fuels altogether.


Cultivation Stability

Conservasphere could provide stability in cultivated commodity prices and greater harvest certainty for consumable crops including food, fibres and fodder.


Agricultural Benefits

The concept does not seek to compete with existing high-value agricultural assets but rather to augment Australia’s overall agricultural output.

Message from Stuart

“As a manufacturer and supplier to the transport industry, and as a plant and equipment owner and operator myself, there are currently no feasible alternative energy solutions available to industry. We therefore continue to be heavily reliant on our use of conventional fossil fuels. And, the great living standards that we all enjoy rely on the outputs of industry and technology to provide for our needs. Our modern lives would be unimaginable without the help of the men and women who own and operate these assets.

I believe there is a way we can offer a practical green alternative to fossil fuels by growing plants to produce renewable fuel in vast water generating greenhouses. We are embarking on a massive project to bring this idea into reality. We are calling this project Conservasphere. My team and I are making a real effort now to devise a workable solution for industry and the population as a whole to bring hope for a better future into a reality. Climate change is real, imminent, and will be as devastating as predicted. Many climate event victims are already experiencing devastation and pain. Let’s find a practical and scalable solution now before someone we love is affected.”

Stuart Donaldson (Inventor & Manufacturer)
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Can Conservasphere address your needs?

We invite you to complete our inquiry form below and register your interest.

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